Hi, and thank you for looking at my Donate page.


If you're thinking of donating but are wondering how your money would help both myself and others, let me first reitterate some of what I said on my About Me page and also encourage you to watch my life-story documentary, Nathan: Why Walk When You Can Fly?


I've been truly humbled by the interest people have shown in me, particularly since first going solo in an aeroplane, and my hope is, as this interest grows and more opprtunities come my way, I will be able to continue challenging people's perceptions, able-bodied or otherwise, of disabled people and what they can and can't do. I hope to show, contrary to what most media conveys, and hence many believe to be true, a disabled person's life isn't all about 'coping' with their disability. In fact, for most, it's a very small consideration next to all the usual factors involved in not just leading a 'normal' life but living it to the full. I'd also like to show, everyone in the world, not just disabled people, is in one minority group or another and it's okay to be different, no matter what that difference is.


Another thing I'd like to be able to do by doing everything I'm doing, such as flying and all the other adrenalin-fueled sports I enjoy, is give something back to some of the organizations who have supported me this far. I have some quite ambitous ideas, currently in the early stages of planning, about how I might achieve this but like everything it will take time and money.


Please help me if you can, and I will endeaver to use your money in ways which will not only benefit me but others, too.


As an idea of the costs involved, flying, for instance, even at Aerobility's subsidised rate, currently costs £100 per hour.


Whether you can afford to donate or not, why not sign up for my email updates at the bottom of my homepage so I can keep you informed about what I'm doing. And don't worry, updates will be occasional. I know how annoying it is when you sign up for things and then you're bombarded with emails all the time. Rest assured, that won't happen with me.


Thank you,